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It Makes Me Sick

Robert Gauld

Mob attacks officers over litter.

One of the few things in life which really annoys me is people getting assaulted (physically or verbally) simply for doing their job. It goes a stage further to making me feel sick when the people concerned are working with the emergency services, when their job is about our safety.

I can see no reason why anyone would want to attack someone who is saving someone's life or preventing something (such as a fire) causing further damage. Yet people do and the thing that really gets me as that most (if not all) of these people would not hesitate to save the life of these idiots.

Perhaps a certain mod mentality kicks in when people are dealing with the police, after all part of their job is telling us what to do. An interesting thought they are employed to survive the public (helping to keep them safe etc.) and at the same time to tell them what to do. A certain contradiction which was taken accounf of with the peelers' first uniform, containing a tall top hat (associated with authority) and a jacket with long tails (associated with a servant). Coming back on track so perhaps their is a certain mod attitude which kicks in and a dislike of being told what to do when "I've done nothing wrong" but that is why we have the laws protecting them, shame that at times the courts don't seem to appreciate that.

If you're ever in doubt about how people who work within an emergency service feel about looking after people then just look at how they respond to major incidents. Yes with hind sight some higher ups might make different management decisions but you can't fault the people on the ground.

To finish off it was known during the fire strikes a few years ago that the crews would cross their own picket lines if life was in danger, find me another profession which with one phone call would go from not liking people who crossed the line to not liking people who stayed on the line.