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Random Stuff

Robert Gauld

Just a few random things:

Interesting things from my ISP's newsletter:

Measured in human terms, the Internet - like the mouse - is approaching middle age. The Web is barely a teenager but, depending on exactly where you start counting from, the Net is nearer forty already. And it's a big machine now, consuming 5 per cent of the world's electricity so that we can send 2 million e-mails per second and click 100 billion times per day on some of its 55 trillion links.

Yovisto is a new Web 2.0 platform to upload, share, search, tag, and discuss video talks and lectures on technical, educational and academic subjects. At the Web site, Yovisto provides an automated mechanism to generate a full-text index of online videos in its library. It is possible to describe video content collaboratively, place keywords or labels (tags) at any position within a video, or start a discussion. Users can also write or edit wiki-pages to enrich the video content with further information, such as images, hyperlinks, and text.

Visit and it will attempt to find out how many visitors your Web site has, how many pages are viewed, and how much potential the site has to make money from carrying Google AdWords or similar advertising. After the checks, and taking account of a few additional factors, WebValuer will estimate the overall value of the site and suggest a fair selling price. Some of the data that WebValuer relies on can be a little sketchy, and there are no eager buyers waiting behind the scenes to make you an offer, so don't take it too seriously.

The Internet is growing by one zettabyte a year, fuelled by images, videos, gaming and peer-to-peer file sharing. Pieter Poll, CTO of Qwest, considers whether the growth is manageable.