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Blog (published in 2010)

You may be a geek if you think this is cool

Either that or someone who finds practical physics fascinating.

New Tram and Non Stop Train

The one advantage of the problems we face as a result of pollution, energy usage and overcrowding is that we get some really interesting and creative ideas, like these two.

Download & Transcode

Diet Coke & Mentos

Anyone who thinks adding mentos to diet coke is good will enjoy this.

VPS Setup Guide

This is intended to be a very basic guide to getting a VPS up and going, it's aimed at the hobbiest who has enough linux knowledge to want to use a VPS but isn't quite sure how to go about getting it up and going. It assumes you'll be using an Ubuntu VPS from bitfolk, if this isn't the case then some of the things in this guide may be slightly off.

How to Deal with Sea Gulls

I've just finished listening to Security Now 248 and instatly thought about how to deal with the Sea Gulls in Aberdeen.

Mozilla Plugin Checker

Mozilla (home of FireFox) has provided a method of checking that your browser plugins are upto date. This has been extended to check plugins of other browsers too. Simply visit

Massive Internet Security Upgrade

I was all set to post one of a few 'ready to go' blog posts today when I ventured upon this story - Firms Tackle Security Flaw In Web Addressing System.

Facebook and the Ford Pinto

Originally from: Steve's Blog.

VPS Entropy

Entropy (ie the source of random numbers) is generated by keeping an eye on such things as mouse/keyboard use, hardware interupts. However on VPSs some of this is unavailable, so here's the process for using the bitfolk entropy service.