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Blog (published in 2011)

The General Public

Working with the general public can be a real eye opener, you see whilst most people are retentively smart it appears that everyone looses the ability to think once they become a customer. Just the other week (thanks to two blind customers) I was able to notice that guide dogs manage to queue better than humans. Then there's the ones whose response to being told to leave is to say "Fuck Off", apparently that's going to make us staff change our minds.

Programming Android

Time to prune the open tabs in Firefox again, so a blog post that really just serves to keep these links somewhere I can easily refind them, but hey they may be of interest.

The Internet Was Designed To Survive a Nuclear Strike

With so much business being conducted over the internet a significant outage could cause issues. For example supermarkets rely on timely and frequent deliveries, if their in store systems are unable to tell their distribution systems what stock they need shelves would rapidly empty. This is why it is wise to keep in mind how reliable the internet is and whether sufficient backup procedures are in place.

The Use and Abuse of Multi-Factor Authentication in Consumer Facing Systems

Authentication is the process of proving to a computer (or other system) that you are who you claim to be. There are several methods of doing this, of which the most common is a password.

Staff Abuse & Media Partiallity

I saw a story done by the BBC about a women who died from a heart attack whilst a nearby member of ambulance staff was on their break. It reminded my off similar statements which I've seen on Tom's Blog, links to both at the end of this post.

Foundation License

I now have my foundation license, meaning I'm also known as M6AOD (althougth most of the time I'll be MM6AOD). Guess that means another section will be gettting added to the site (at some point).

Yet More Random Things

Again just a collection of stuff I want to be able to easily find again.


Thanks to the guys and girl over at Hak5 I came across Katana. This allows several live images to be booted from the same USB drive - hence reducing the number of them I have to carry around.

Don't Screw with a Hacker's Machine

Ever wondered why you shouldn't screw with a hacker's machine, here's why:

Nature = Great Engineer

I've often been struck by just how well engineered nature and by just how elegent mother nature's solutions are. So I'm going to share teo TED talks and a link.