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Blog (tagged #MERG)

MERG Article - Controlling a Crane

A small change to this month's 'My Workbench' article, rather than talking about my control play ground project, I'll be talking about a small project which has recently taken a sizable chunk of my model railway time (not that I care). And no I don't feel guilty about it - my regular feature was pitched to the editor ( a few issues ago now) as a what's on my workbench series rather than a my control playground series.

MERG Article - RFID Experiments

This article started with one of my occasional visits down to the London meeting (at which I purchased an RFID starter kit). Well this article is one of the article options I had now that I have a starter kit (the other should be along next issue).

MERG Article - TOTI Motherboard

Bit of a short article this time around, I'd hoped to have been able to afford to be somewhat further along with this mini project by now. So I'll just cover the starting of the design phase.

MERG Article - Object Oriented Programming

For the last half year or so I've been writing a regular article for the MERG Journal covering what I'm currently upto. I'm doing this mainly because my current big project allows me to dip into several areas typically of interest to MERG members. I'll be posting the articles (slightly edited) after they're printed. Typically the delay (between writing and posting here) will be a few months, so if you want to stay more upto date and get the deleted parts then join MERG.