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Blog (tagged #Railway)

My Old Local Heritage Railway Needs Some Help

The steam railway down where I grew up is after some help, such that they can finish a project before the cost quadruples in a years time. The Bluebell Railway runs between Sheffield Park and Kingscote in Sussex and has been planning for a while to extend the line to the mainline station at East Grinstead. Back when my Mum lived at Horstead Keynes (another stop) it would have made getting there so much easier (Aberdeen -> Euston/Kings Cross -> Victoria -> East Grinstead -> Horstead Keynes (all without having to squeeze me and a bag onto a bus).

More Random Things

I get it, I've been somewhat neglectful of my own site whilst working on others, so here goes a selection of some of the recent random stuff I've come accrss.

Random Stuff

Measured in human terms, the Internet - like the mouse - is approaching middle age. The Web is barely a teenager but, depending on exactly where you start counting from, the Net is nearer forty already. And it's a big machine now, consuming 5 per cent of the world's electricity so that we can send 2 million e-mails per second and click 100 billion times per day on some of its 55 trillion links.