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The Strangeness of Retail and Hospitality

Don't get me wrong I'm sure most customers are quite intelligent people, sometimes perhaps out of their comfort zone (especially in a computer store) and sometimes you have to wonder if they actually lost all ability to think as they entered the shop. So from another site I randomly browsed to (Not Always Right) here are some stories:

Identity Cards

Interesting though this ID card thing, on one hand it has the potential to greatly speed up anything involving individuals communicating with the Government, DVLA, Passport folks etc. On the other we'vfe not exactly got a good record with implementing large government IT projects in this country, not to mention the fact that they've not exactly got a good record of protecting our data:


As I went searching the web for some help with a bit of coding which had me struck I came across a website, the daily WTF. I also ventured onto some quite amusing/worrying stories of what professional coders have done, some of which must surely be against the Computer Misuse Act. Examples such as: