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You may be a geek if you think this is cool

Either that or someone who finds practical physics fascinating.

More Random Things

I get it, I've been somewhat neglectful of my own site whilst working on others, so here goes a selection of some of the recent random stuff I've come accrss.

Strange Hobby Modelling

Strange thing modelling, it's a hobby which you can enjoy doing, enjoy designing (and never do) and enjoy admiring other people's work in. Not so strange as a hobby so far but occasionally you'll come across something which hits you with a strange mixture of emotions - wow, jealousy of the skills and amazement at the strangeness of the idea all at once. Here's a clip of just one of the models which has created that mixture within me.

Code Monkey

A while ago I was pointed in the direction of this song by a podcast (Net @ Nite). It's by a chap called Jonathan Coulton. I actually really like this song it's got (I think anyway) a good tempo and some amusing lyrics. So here are some youtube versions I just searched for.